Multicultural and International Students

2023 Fall New and re-enrolled Multi-cultural and International Spring students

On behalf of Engle Health Services, welcome and congratulations on your acceptance (or re-enrollment) to Messiah University.  Our number one goal at the Engle Center is to provide you with quality health care so that you will be healthy and well during your time at Messiah University and beyond.  

All full time students, whether commuting or living on campus, are required to complete ALL student health forms. Failure to complete the student health forms in a timely fashion could result in a delay on All Student Arrival Day, an academic registration hold for a future semester, or a fine on your student account. Please read the following information carefully so that you can avoid these unnecessary late fees and registration holds.

Health forms will not accepted via USPS mail, fax or hand-carried. All records are digitally filed.  The following forms MUST be completed and submitted via the Health Portal no later than May 21, 2024: 


Quick Checklist:

1.  Get started early – This allows us time to review your documentation and to inform you if anything is incomplete or missing.  Sometimes there are problems with medical records, and an early start gives you more time to deal with any issues. You do not have to submit everything at once. Check your school email and health portal every week for messages about forms.

2.  SCHEDULE YOUR PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND RETAIN A COPY OF YOUR IMMUNIZATIONS - Schedule as soon as possible so that you will have your physical done on time. Some health care providers are scheduled out months in advance. Go to your Physical Exam appointment prepared and knowing what you need.

3.  Print out your Physical Exam and Immunization forms ahead of time and TAKE THEM WITH YOU at the time of your appointment. 

Part A Physical Exam Form - Your physical MUST BE WITHIN 1 year of your start date at Messiah. Athletes - per NCAA regulations, your physical must be within 6 months of your start date.

Part B Immunization Form - Compare your current immunizations to Messiah's immunization requirements.  Make sure that you have all of the immunizations that we require BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR APPOINTMENT!  All full time students are required to have 2 MMR vaccines (Measles/Mumps/Rubella), 2 Varicella vaccines OR a Varicella titer showing immune status, 2 Meningitis vaccines or 1 within the last 5 years and 1 Tdap (TD not accepted) within the last 10 years.

4.  Upload your completed forms onto the Health Portal by clicking on the DOCUMENT UPLOAD tab.  **ATHLETES -YOU MUST ALSO UPLOAD YOUR FORM TO THE ATHLETIC PORTAL.

5.  Complete the following online forms on the Health Portal by clicking on the MY FORMS tab:

Part B Online Immunization History Form - After you retain a copy of your immunization records from your health care provider, enter all immunizations into this online form so that they are in the Health Portal.

Part C Demographic/Emergency Contact/Insurance Information - This form will ask you to provide emergency contact and basic demographic information. It will also require a copy of your insurance information and give you IMPORTANT INFORMATION about how to waive the STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE.  All students enrolled full time at Messiah University are required to have adequate insurance coverage. We require insurance because we want to ensure that all students are adequately covered in case of an accident or emergency; unfortunately, these are the situations that we don’t plan for. Because ALL students are required to have insurance, ALL STUDENTS ARE AUTOMATICALLY SIGNED UP FOR AND CHARGED for THE SCHOOL INSURANCE (appro66ximately $1,900/yr). 

International students may use the ISO Care or ISO Share plans instead of the school sponsored insurance plan because the benefits are equal to or greater than the benefits provided by the school insurance. 

These are the only 3 options available for our International Student population.

  1. ISO Care
  2. ISO Share
  3. School sponsored health insurance plan

After adequate proof of insurance is vetted, the school insurance can be waived.

Part D Medical History Form  - This important form provides us with information about your past and current physical and mental health history, your medications and any allergies you might have. Please fill it out honestly and completely, being fully assured of your confidentiality.

Part E Tuberculosis Screening - Respond to this online screening form by answering each YES or NO question. If all responses are NO or NEGATIVE, you are cleared and require no further testing.  If you have any YES answers, you will need to have a TB test. PRINT THE FORM and take it to your health care provider; have the appropriate TB test; have the form completed by your health care provider; upload the completed form to the Student Health Portal.

Part F HIPPA Release Form - This is an important form that explains our privacy policy, your rights and how we will protect your confidentiality. Please review it carefully and sign.

**All forms will need to be uploaded onto health portal; no forms will be accepted from the mail, as faxes, or hand carried.  This ensures that forms aren't misplaced. The easiest way is to take a picture on your phone and then upload directly to the portal**

If you should have further questions after reading about the requirements, please do not hesitate to call or write at 717-691-6035 and


Health Services Medical Director