First Year/ Incoming Student Resources

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Going to college is exciting! Our office wants to make your transition to college as smooth as possible so that students can focus on their academics. Here are some key items that every incoming student should know and complete to ensure a smooth financial transition here at Messiah University.

Student Financial Responsibility

Enrollment at Messiah University constitutes a contractual financial obligation to pay any charges incurred as a result of registration for classes, enrollment for or cancellation of room and board agreements, fees, fines or other charges incurred while a Messiah University student. Its is the student's responsibility to:

  • Review eBills when notifications are sent to the Messiah email account.

  • Read all important information and communication that is sent out by Student Financial Services counselors and administrators.

  • Contact Student Financial Services if payment cannot be made by the due date.

*Disclaimer: MyMU is a temporary portal for new/incoming students to utilize with our admissions team to help students transition into the Messiah community. Once the student's MyMU portal expires, the student will need to use the FALCONLink portal to complete various financial transactions/ requirements.

New/Transfer Incoming Student check-list

  •  Complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act). If your parent or other authorized person is not included on your FERPA we cannot give any specific information about your account.
  • Create your PRIVACY WORD at  If your parent or other authorized person does not know your PRIVACY WORD we cannot give any specific information about your records.
  • Accept your Financial Aid Award and complete all requirements for your financial aid. Go to FALCONlink > Self Service Main Menu >Financial Aid Award> Select Award Year> Click through all 6 tabs of information.  If you do not complete all financial aid requirements your aid will not be credited towards your bill.
  • Complete any student loan requirements; i.e. Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note
  • Give access to your parents or other authorized payers to view and pay your eBill. FALCONlink> Transact > Click My Account on left-hand side> click send a payer invitation 
  • Complete the Health Insurance Waiver . All Messiah University undergraduate international and domestic full-time (12 or more credits) students are automatically enrolled in the Messiah University insurance plan, unless proof of comparable coverage is provided