Understanding My Bill

With so many pieces of information about billing, you may not know where to start or how to make sure it is accurate. It is our mission to help students and families understand their bill and find the resources to make your Messiah education more affordable. To get better clarity on how billing can work for you and your family, check out Freddy the Falcon's scenario below.

Freddy the Falcon is excited to start his first-year as a nursing student at Messiah University. He received an email saying that his bill statement was available. Freddy made some smart financial choices by doing the following things:

  1.  Anticipate and read your email. At the start of each semester, students will receive an email notifying them that their bill is available to view online via CASHNet. This bill statement only outlines present charges and anticipated aid for the current term in session. Bill statements are updated on weekly basis to reflect any changes or additional charges. It is important that students and families are aware of any updates to their bill and important dates that may affect the bill statement.
  2. Review your Scholarships and Aid package. Freddy the Falcon received a good amount of aid through merit scholarships ($6,750) to help him pay his bill. But those scholarships alone were not enough to cover his whole bill for the semester. Freddy the Falcon and his family decided that applying for FASFA financial aid was the best choice to help pay for his education. Applyig to FASFA allowed financial aid to see that The Falcon family had financial need. Freddy the Falcon even recieved financial aid because of his profession as a nursing student.
  3. Don't forget to accept your aid! Once Freddy the Falcon filed for FASFA he also made sure to accepted his financial aid package via FalconLink. That way, Freddy's amount due was accurately reflected on his billing statment.
  4. Enroll into a payment plan. To reduce overall loan debt and ensure that payments are on-time, students and families can enroll into one of our billing payment plans for just $35 per enrollment and no interest.
  5. Consider wainving health insurance fee. Since Freddy the Falcon was already covered under his parents health insurance plan, he decided to waive his health insurance. This reduced his billing charges by $1,670.
  6. Contact an SFS counselor. Freddy the Falcon and his family also contacted Student Financial Services to see if they were eligible for any other funding such as Income Share agreements.
Bill Statement Example