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Understanding My Bill

With so many pieces of information about billing, you may not know where to start or how to make sure it is accurate. At the start of each semester, students will receive an email notifying them that their bill is available  to view online via CASHNet. This bill only outlines charges and anticipated aid for the current term in session. Any unpaid balances that rolled over from the previous term will show on the top right hand corner of your statement and is included in your total balance of the current statement. Please see the example below.

Freddy the Falcon is excited to start his first-year as a nursing student at Messiah University. Freddy the Falcon is the first in his family to go to college so paying for college is all new to him and his family.

Freddy the Falcon received an email saying that his bill statement was available. And when he followed the directions to get to the bill he noticed that his original balance due is $25,995.00. However, Freddy saved some money by deciding to waive his health insurance because he is covered under his parents health insurance plan already. So we credited that number back to his account which left his balance at $24,325.00. Freddy the Falcon also received a good amount of aid through merit scholarships ($8,000) and noninstitutional scholarships ($2,500) to help him pay his bill. But those scholarships alone were not enough to cover his whole bill for the semester. Freddy the Falcon and his family decide that applying for FASFA financial aid was the best choice to help pay for his education. Freddy the Falcon and his family also contacted Student Financial Services to see if they were eligible for any other funding which landed him the Stabler nursing loan. Once Freddy the Falcon filed for FASFA and accepted his financial aid package via FalconLink ,Freddy's amount due became affordable paired with a 6-month payment plan.


Example Billing Statement

Student Name: Freddy the Falcon

Student ID#: 12345678

Balance from other Periods (included below): $50



Charges (subject to change)

Payments/ Credits

Fall 2020

Chemistry Lab



Fall 2020

Dining Dollar Meal Plan



Fall 2020

Student Services



Fall 2020

Student Activity Fee



Fall 2020

Lifetime Transcript Fee



Fall 2020

FYS Course Fee



Fall 2020

Tuition Fall Grantham



Fall 2020

Double Room



Fall 2020

Health Insurance


- $1670.00

Fall 2020

Trustees Grant



Fall 2020

Flowers Scholarship



Fall 2020

Provost Scholarship



Fall 2020

Stabler Nursing Loan



Fall 2020

Non- Institutional Scholarship



Fall 2020 Federal Subsidized  Loan (FASFA)   $990.00

Fall 2020

CASHNet Payment Plan



Fall 2020

Pre-Registration Deposit



Balance Due ( Balance or credit from other periods included)

$ 5,092.50